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Choose your destiny —Will the sword that reshapes the world be forgedin love, friendship, or family?

The latest game from StudioFgG High Fantasy Tactical RPG Aster Tatariqus

Planning & ProductionStudio FgG

ProducerJun Imaizumi

"Phantom of the Kill" "The Alchemist Code"
 "Shinobi Nightmare"

MusicYoko Shimomura



This is the story of the Successor, tasked with saving the world
Geas, weapons with the power to destroy the Barbaroi menace
and Resonants, the Geas' chosen partners

The protagonist Noir, in his struggle against the Barbaroi
learns of gestalt shift — the power that binds Geas with Resonant
and that as Successor, his destiny is bound to those chosen to be Geas

Though he knows his decisions can alter the course of history
Noir must hold his chosen sword high and march toward victory
For that is the burden of the Successor — to save the world entire 


A tale of near-unprecedented volume and scale for a smartphone game!

The player's choices will make the story
 branch into vastly different outcomes.


  • Geas

    Those who harness the power of their own memories to fight the enemies of humankind — the Barbaroi.

    They don the names of history's legendary weapons — Arondight, Excalibur, etc. — inscribed upon them by their Resonants, and draw upon their spirit to gain extraordinary powers.

    Those with the potential to become Geas can do so after completing the rite of gestalt shift.

  • Resonants

    Individuals who have gestalt shifted and formed a life covenant with a Geas via emotional bond.

    They safeguard the memories of Geas, which are lost as they use their powers, by staying by their side and assisting them in their fight.

    A Resonant is often referred to as a Geas' "Master."

  • Barbaroi

    Demonic creatures of mysterious origin.

    These monsters threaten to wipe humanity from existence — they mercilessly hunt humans to feed upon their memories.

    They cannot be harmed by conventional weapons, and only the unique strength of Resonants and Geas is capable of defeating them.

  • Gestalt Shift

    A power by which two destined partners are bound as Resonant and Geas, if they fulfill their potential and their bond is strong. It is a ritual necessary for fighting the Barbaroi. Often referred to simply as "GS."

    Gestalt shift has a "One Life, One Twain" rule — a person can only bound to one partner during their lifetime.

  • Factorization

    The act of transforming one's body into a Geas — a powerful and specialized combat form. Only those who have learned to gestalt shift can perform this feat.

    Geas need to expend a tremendous amount of power to maintain their battle form. For this reason, they usually remain in their human form and factorize into battle form only when the need arises.


Game Features

  • The hero's choices will determine the fate of the world *Screens shown are still in development.
  • Strategic battle system created by the masters of Tactical RPG at Studio FgG *Screens shown are still in development.
  • *Screens shown are still in development.

App Information

Aster Tatariqus
Tactical RPG
Release Date
iOS / Android

Choose your destiny —Will the sword that reshapes the world be forgedin love, friendship, or family?

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